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NANGA SYSTEMS is mentioned in the latest Veoneer Codebeamer Use-Case as "(the) best contract house I have ever worked with".
Veoneer Case Study

NANGA SYSTEMS is mentioned in the latest Veoneer Codebeamer Use-Case as “(the) best contract house I have ever worked with”.

In the modern world of engineering, building a modern digital platform for application lifecylce management is a necessity.

For Veoneer, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, investing in an enterprise lifecycle management (ALM) tool was essential for their success. The company was looking for an ALM tool that could provide a unified platform for their development processes around the world, and one that could support the automotive standards such as ASPICE, ISO 26262, FMEA, and more. After considering their options, Veoneer chose to move forward with PTC Codebeamer, and decided to partner with NANGA SYSTEMS for the implementation and migration among other services.

With an illustrious history of designing and producing automotive safety systems, Veoneer is a tier-one supplier renowned for its airbags and safety restraints. Founded in 2018 after decades of delivering groundbreaking technology, the company now has 6100 employees in 11 countries, 6 manufacturing sites and 18 technical centers. Boasting annual sales of $1.66 Billion in 2021, Veoneer is committed to ‚Creating Trust in Mobility‘. Their safety portfolio includes everything from vision, radar and lidar technology, to thermal sensing systems and Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which interpret and act on situations in the blink of an eye. In the event of an accident, the company’s passive Restraint Control Systems (RCS) are activated to tighten safety belts, deploy airbags, call for help and record data for post-crash analysis. Embedded software is key to the company’s strategic competitive advantage

NANGA SYSTEMS is a leading IT-Consulting company, specializing in the whole digital thread surrounding digital application and product development. With their unique blend of expertise, NANGA SYSTEMS was an ideal partner to help Veoneer transition to their new digital platform. Tim Brennan, ALM Engineering Tools Manager at Veoneer, was impressed with the results.

“Nanga is the best contract house I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with a lot. Whatever we needed, all I had to do was ask. They just got things done.”

-Tim Brennan; IT Engineering ALM manager @Veoneer

Veoneer’s success with Codebeamer ALM has been documented in a case study published by PTC. In the study, Tim explains how the company was able to replace their legacy ALM tools with a modern solution, and how it has enabled them to streamline their development processes across the board. We are proud to be part of Veoneer’s success story and looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

If you want to learn more about NANGA SYSTEMS and their work with Veoneer, you can attend PTC Liveworx this May in Boston. The team will be there to discuss the case study in greater detail and to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, you can read the full case study to learn more about Veoneer’s successful transition to a digital platform and the role NANGA SYSTEMS played in making it happen. NANGA SYSTEMS is proud to be part of Veoneer’s success story and looks forward to helping other companies achieve the same success in their digital transformation.